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Ways to Listen to Digital Radio

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Digital radio is a new technology available to the public that carries microwave radio communications as a digital signal instead of an analog signal. It has the ability to transmit any digital type of information including Internet radio broadcasts, television, digital audio and short-range digital wireless. Digital broadcasting must follow a set of global agreements and standards initiated in Europe in the 1980′s, known as the Eureka 147 Standard for digital audio broadcasting (DAB). It is coordinated by the World DMB Forum. Most stations transmit using a 128k bit rate or less. This results in quality not quite that of analog FM however it offers a better signal-ro-noise ratio and dynamic range. CD quality is reachable with a 256k bit rate. Approximately 1,000 radio stations worldwide broadcast using DAB or pure DAB radio and the technology is very popular in Europe. The first digital radio broadcast took place in 1995 and digital radios have been available for sale since the late 1990′s.

Internet – Select from over 1,00 radio stations through your Internet browser. There are applications such as iTunes that will create lists of stations by type. The Dell Inspiron laptop computer is capable of staying online continuously and features a 7 hour battery option. Digital Television in the UK – Satellite TV (Sky TV, Freesat) offers all of the BBC national radio stations. Freeview digital television offers digital radio through Radio 4 FM. Virgin Cable TV broadcasts Radio4 FM on channel 904 and Radio 4 LW, channel 911. The digital tv recorder has the ability to access the internet and access digital content of all types including video libraries, music services and digital radio stations.

The Playstation has a built-in browser and can connect to the Internet over wireless wifi. Click the “About Internet Radio” button and the Playstation will connect to the access point and obtain an IP address. If a short period of time, the PSP will display the Internet Radio home page where you add an Internet radio player. It is necessary to download the tuner application. The memory stick must be able to accommodate this download. Download the player and an Internet radio icon should appear on the desktop. Some radio programming is available through a MP3 download. Podcasting software is available that will download the programming automatically.

Professional Outsourcing Audio Transcription Services

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Audio Transcription is the process of changing audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries – from medicine to insurance, airlines to automobiles, corporate to media and many more. By outsourcing audio transcription, you’ll save money and create a more productive atmosphere for your employees. Professional audio Transcription services are firstly planned completely so as to increase business for big or small organizations, to eliminate risk, to acquire quality, cost effective, accurate and within deadline completed work.

Transcription experts can transcribe the interviews, manuscripts, reports, meetings, forums, dictations, scripts, correspondences, articles, speeches, teleconferences and telephone conversions audio transcription for worldwide clients. Transcription professional can handle variety of tape formats including standard audio tapes, plus most digital formats, mini, micro and including WAV, MP3.

Cutting edge technology enables transcription outsourcing services to encode multiple channels of digital or analogue audio into MPEG-2, AC-3, AAC and distribute it over ASI or IP. The video or audio encoding CD files can be transferred to the desired target, either over LAN or via FTP. A skilled transcription professional enables to provide transcripts with excellent accuracy level and maintains higher voice quality with negligible word error. Hi tech transcription services guarantees to provide quick personal attention, affordable online service and ensures confidentiality of the clients’ sensitive data.

Hitech Transcription Service is a leader in transcription outsourcing services in India and has all resources like medical transcription solutions, Digital transcripts, business transcription, media transcription, business transcription, financial transcription, legal transcriptions and audio transcription. Outsourcing your transcription services to Hitech Transcription service will give many benefits like saving money because of lowest possible rates, having 100% portability and flexibility, Providing complete reliable and secure work completed with in deadline and at affordable rates.

What are Digital Audio Cables

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Today’s audio device no longer utilizes analog signals to make a sound, they utilize digital signals completed from data, like 0′ s and 1′ s. Analog is commonly a term utilized for audio cassettes or phonographs. Digital media involves MP3′s, CD’s, and DVD audio signals which are processed via a chip and commonly make superior sound which lasts far longer compared to analog audio. Digital Audio Cables look to transmit and preserve the highest superiority digital signal probable. They commonly come in 2 different flavors; optical digital lines and co-axial digital wires.

Co-axial digital cables are one of the most usual type of connection line utilized for digital audio nowadays. They look the same to the RCA that lots of people utilize and are familiar with. The thing only difference is that, as an alternative of carrying analog signal, it holds digital signals. Co-axial cables look a lot the same to television cables, except they do have the RCA connectors on the end of the wire. They’re much thicker compared to the normal RCA lines, are covered just like regular television cables of co-axial and are very much affordable, typically costing for about ten dollars for a line of six feet.

Co-axial transform digital signals in electricity pulses. They so have a copper wire and are covered from intrusion with the help of aluminum wrap that is surrounded by it. They are then enveloped in a sturdy outer case. It’s as well significant to note that co-axial lines have seventy-five ohm impedance that means they could deal with more energy, plus they as well have a bigger bandwidth compared to a normal RCA. For a reasonably priced digital audio line, this delivers first-class sound; co-axial digital are an extremely attractive choice.